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 Dog Writer's Assoc. Maxwell Award "Best Regular Magazine Column" 1994 & 1996

 Feature Articles From DogsUSA, PuppiesUSA and other sources.

 "Puppy Survival Skills" -- New pup owner?  This may help you make a smooth transition...

"How to Pick a Shelter Dog" -- From DogsUSA

"No Brainer" Dog knowledge - If it was a snake,  it would have already bitten you.

Want to be a "Dog Person?" -- you have to know  the password.

Top Ten Reasons People take Animals to Shelters  -- From #10 to #1

How do you score as a Puppy Picker? A guide for buying a pup.

Rusty's Rules of Nature -- is your dog really alpha?


Articles from Gary Wilkes' Award Winning "On Good Behavior" Column

Generalization and Discrimination

Why the Deaf Dog Barks...  --

Seiko the "watch" dog

No Choke Chains

When to say "NO!" --

 Never say it Twice-twice.    

The Intelligence of dogs

Shelter Adoptions  -

The Dog Who Really Talks

Alpha Schmalpha

Click Start

The Gift of Independence

Intro to  "On Good Behavior"








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