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               Click & Treat(R) Products  -- "Innovations in clicker  training."

For  Click & Treat  Products in the UK please contact Lady Sarah Whitehead -- Alpha, PO Box 372, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 4WH  alpha.pet@virgin.net


C&T Training Kit


Doggie Repair Kit 


On Target  

         Behavior SamplerRECT  

Behavior Sampler

More Clicker Training Supplies


Clicker Variations




Bulk Clickers


Clickers with your logo-- the perfect ad/tool combination. About six years ago, my supply  of metal clickers dried up. Laurie Coyle, of LC Advertising found the "box clickers" that are now the industry standard. She is my exclusive source for imprinting, and can get them to you  for a suprisingly low price. You can find out more from her web page --

The Clicker Company  Or you can call her at (480) 706-1884

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